Who can work with us




In aim to avoid time waste for our client partners and ourselves we introduced a three steps procedure to be more sure that a candidate comapany or project will be able to make sufficient progress.



Before starting a cooperation we talk to the management and/or funders to judge their willingness and abilities. Personal motivation and the team factor are particulary important.



The initiative talk is folloved by a free trial analysis of the business case.



The third step is the first brainstorming resulting in consensus of visions and strategy issues. This tests our ability to support the case and the ability of the client partner to face the changes and adopt the goals.


We can draw a negative decision with no obligations after each of those steps.






Who can be interested



The cooperation is mostly oriented to companies willing to grow or expanding their markets and the companies facing challenges of scaling i.e. overpassing the "borderline of some 20 employees" introducing second (tactical) level of management and leadership.