The Growth.




Growing the companies

Every single company can be bigger.

Not incrementally. Not by squeezing.

Multiplying and growth is a unique process requiring special attention. The essence of it is done in a unique way and cannot be copied from others or done by the book.


LEVEL 0  No growth

The company is using it's sales and marketing force; maybe enhancing some sales productivity.


LEVEL 1  Linear growth - addition

The company is adding new in-house or partnering sales and marketing capacities.Efforts are focused into capacity enlargement.


LEVEL 2  Exponential growth - multiplication

The company multiplies it's sales and marketing capacities through viral effect and multiplying partnerships. Unique worldwide applicable value proposition is essential. Specific local services can be grown exponentially too by acquiring locations (franchise, licence).





The Efficiency.



Every single company can do it better and faster with less effort.

Companies with activated tactical level can think faster.

Efficiency of the company is far from the personal productivity.

The obstacle in SMEs is usually lack of engagement of mid-mngmt on tactical creative tasks while beeing too much engaged in operations. This is the usual obstacle when growing over some 20 staff members.






The Upgrade



From a usual manufacturer fighting for prices a company upgrades to a development company with higher value added and different market position. The third grade - being a trendsetter is reserved for those special.