What We Have Behind The Counter?




Outside view.

200+ cases of experience - from top success to fails.

The way of thinking - our focus is progress only.

Specifics - we take care and grow the case upon specifics (specifics usually prevent companies to grow as they can not see themselves in the "by the book" concepts)

We remain focused on founders and/or management - their ability to set real goals and perform wider thinking, accepting understanding that the company can grow other than linear.

Engagement of lower levels in result oriented thinking follows.

We are practical on operations level too with our production and service experience.





What does it mean for your company?



The company changes from being internally defensive to be participative on own flexibility and extravertness.

It becomes agile. Agility is sold as a methodology nowadays, but we keep with the fundamental meaning which is still just a way of performance which can accelerate the growth and the efficiency. Activation of tactical level management with stronger and more focused internal discussion is crucial.

Transformation to a higher level - from service/production supplier to development company or even higher is often the case.

Business model - some of best cases were achieved by deep switch of the business model to a more disruptive one.

Larger existing companies can use off-line innovation sessions and experiments instead of usual low efficiency development or even innovation departments.