Personal Efficiency Vector














Strategic vs. Operational


How much time do I spend on strategic thinking vs. the time spent on operational thinking?


Indicate percentage from OPERATIONAL (0%) to STRATEGIC (100%) of how much time do you spend on operational vs. strategic thinking and acting.





Forward vs. Backward


How much time do I spend in thinking about future vs. the time spent in acting and thinking about past?


Indicate percentage from BACKWARD (0%) to FORWARD (100%) of how much time do you spend on past vs. future events in your company.





Outside vs. Inside (for Company managers, Sales managers, Founders)

In team vs. Alone (for Sectorial managers, Development managers)


Company managers, Sales managers, Founders:

How much time do I spend communicating outside the company vs. inside the company?

Indicate percentage from INSIDE (0%) to OUTSIDE (100%) of how much time do you spend communicating inside vs. outside your company.


Sectorial managers, Development managers and similar:

How much time do I spend within the creative team vs. time spent alone or on uncreative meetings?

Indicate percentage from ALONE/UNCREATIVE (0%) to TEAM/CREATIVE (100%) of how much time do you spend in one or another mode.





The cube.

Draw a 3D cube, 0 - 100% (0-1) in each dimension.

Within this cube draw a smaller body whose dimensions correspond to the percentage values you indicated within steps 1 - 3.





The smaller volume versus the full unit volume represents your efficiency versus the  ideal full efficiency. The full efficiency is ideal and can not be reached in practice. The parameters you entered are multiplying each other therefore the volume represents  visualized interpretation.


While enhancing individual parameters repeat the test time to time.

You will be amazed how constant thinking of inefficient time impacts your behavior and your efficiency is improving.



























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