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Borut Potočnik


Tel.: +386-41-640965





Faculty of Mechanical Engineering /University of Ljubljana:

- General Programme (8 sem.)

in combination with

Faculty of Economics /University of Ljubljana:

- Industrial Engineering (3 sem.)

Diploma in Industrial Engineering:

“Analysis of Suggested Production Cells in Pneumatic Tools Production Plant at Ravne Steelworks”










All the professional experience is based on managing, management consulting and mentoring activities ranging from industrial and business sector to public, government, health and infrastructure sector. Over 180 projects in total.


Most of the present projects are focused on Business model design and its implementation. The core competence is to discover and eliminate the weakest point preserving the client company from growing.


Most of the past projects were focused on partial or total reorganization of internal operations structure and its management. Business or production process was changed in aim of competitive productivity, response time, flexibility, resource application or innovation. Different private and public sector changes were conditioned by transition and accession to EU.


Projects in latest years are oriented into identification of competitive advantages and implementation of necessary internal and external communication and operations process changes. Accent on lean business and production processes focused on diversified competitive product.


Experienced in analytical, creation of solution and implementation phase.


Experienced in working alone, in team of consultants, leading a team and also as a temporary manager in the clients company.







Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Ljubljana

competent for:

- Production Management / Material Flow, Cellular Manufacturing

- Maintenance Systems / Maintenance Management, Diagnostic systems

active on following industrial projects:

- Identification of Production Cells [Gostol Tolmin, ...]

- Production Flow Analysis [Energoinvest Varnost Zagorje, ...]

- Diagnostic Systems in Maintenance [Port of Koper]






Produktivnost Management Consulting Ljubljana

Management Consultant,working mainly on topics:

-       Computerized Maintenance Management System [several big companies, e.g. Energoinvest Sarajevo, Železarna Jesenice, etc.]

-       Management Organization [Water Supply System of Istria, Buzet, etc.]

-       Organization of Management and Non-Medical Services [University Clinical Center Ljubljana]

Assigned on UNIDO projects (1990 - 1993):

-       Computerized Maintenance Management Systems [Projects in Portugal, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland]






Working full-time for a client Periteks Ljubljana,

Temp. VP Operations

-       Complete organization of operations in first slovenian industrial laundry (100 employees)






BPMC Ljubljana (own company)

Management Consultant, Mentor, following topics:

-       Business models, Strategy, General Organization, Corporate Reengineering,

-       Business and Production Process Improvement (in aim of Response Time, Flexibility and other Competitive Advantages), Information System Performance, Internal Development Strategy and Growth Management [several private industrial and service companies]

-       Mentoring Educated but Inexperienced Young Managers and Entrepreneurs [several SMEs]

-       Start-up Management and Acceleration of Newly Established Companies

In earlier years:

-       Establishing, Organizing and Operating Foreign Investors’ Business in Slovenia [several Italian and German clients]

-       Local Expertise on International Projects [Phare, Slovenian Innovation Agency]

-       Business Process Definition in Public sector [Government]

-       Competitive Advantages, Corporate Competence, Product Definition, participation in Marketing and Corporate Strategy [several SME and Local Communities]






-       CPSM - Model of Cellular Process Self-Learning Structure for Business or Production Processes





-       PEV - Personal Efficiency Vector










-       UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization Registered expert since 1994





-       AMCOS - Association of Management Consulting of Slovenia President since 2010





-       CBSS - Chamber of Business Services of Slovenia Management Board Member





-       PHARE - Registered consultant since 1998





-       Klub Managerjev Ljubljana 2003





-       ZNS - Association of Supervisory Board Members, member





-       SDBP - Slovenian Dutch Business Platform










Podjetnik, 07-03 [Slovenian]





Finance, 08-05-29 [Slovenian]





Delo, 09-06-20 [Slovenian]





Vision of Slovenian National Strategy 09-08 [Slovenian]





Glas Gospodarstva, 10-03 [Slovenian]





Delo FT 10-04 [Slovenian]





Finance 11-12 [Slovenian]





Delo 11-12 [Slovenian]





Systems Vienna presentation 12-04 [English]





How to find Entrepreneural Idea Finance 13-01 [Slovene]










-       English (very good)

-       Italian (good)

-       German (sufficient to good)

-       French (learned 4 sems. but no experience)

-       Spanish (learned 1 sem. but no experience)

-       Serbian, Croatian (fluent)

-       Slovene (mother tongue)